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Located in Nabatieh, South Lebanon, equipped with the most modern equipment and many facilities.
Its general system combines the traditional systems to build the student’s personality and the basic modern systems to maintain his mental and psychological comfort.

From kindergarten to high school grades. (EN/FR)

  1. ONLINE SYSTEM - In Nabatieh High School, we adopted a smart online system to increase the student’s technical awareness, which aims to facilitate the process of communication between the school, the student and parents, facilitating the process of distance learning and adding a kind of fun to learning.
  2. SMART LEARNING - All classrooms in Nabatieh High School are equipped with modern technical systems (such as interactive projectors and 3D sound systems...) aiming to accelerate the student's information acquisition process.
  3. CREATIVITY IN EDUCATION - One of the main issues followed in Nabatieh High School is the interactive extracurricular activities system that aims to improve the learning process through tasks and applied activities linked to the curriculum.
  4. MODERN EDUCATION - In addition to the basic traditional educational materials, Nabatieh High School has included in its curriculum additional courses aimed at improving student skills. Like aerobics, robotics, mental arithmetic, musical education, theater...

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